White satin fountain pen

White satin fountain pen

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It made perfect sense for them to work together to make these pens, which bring some characteristic design elements to a beautifully handmade collection of writing instruments.

The barrels feature an intricate diamond pattern, inspired by the diamond patterning used in many parts of cars, but especially noticeable on the grille. A perfectly smooth clear lacquer coats this patterning, protecting it and making it smooth to the touch.

The cap itself is gently curved and perfectly polished. The end of the barrel is polished metal, with a concave end matching the styling of other pens. The styling continues to the practical shape of the internally-sprung pocket clip, though the shape is subtly curved to fit with the look of the cap. These highly polished parts all echo the chromed metal parts of a car.

Each colour is inspired by one of the paint finishes - Tungsten Grey, Sequin Blue and White Satin.

The fountain pens feature beautifully smooth rhodium-plated steel nibs. They can use bottled ink with the supplied converter, or standard international cartridges.

Dimensions: 142mm long capped, 118mm uncapped, weighs 48g.

Advance Mechanism:Capped
Ink Type:Liquid Ink
Item Colour:White
Item Material:Metal
Refill Type:Converter, Fountain Pen Ink, Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge
Tip Material:Steel
Tip Type:Fountain Pen

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