Puzzle eraser set with hexagons

Puzzle eraser set with hexagons

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Puzzle Erasers. The name is, technically, accurate. But also, it doesn't really tell you what these are. Because the key thing, as you can see, is just how super-cute they are. You see them, you want them. You need some to sit on your desk; balance on your monitor; or just to accompany you everywhere, living in your pocket. Yes, we were the same. So now we have them; so you can have them if you want them.

But are they erasers Yes, but you probably don't want to use them as erasers. We really had to force ourselves to try one out to find out how well they worked, but the results were really quite good, so if you can bring yourself to rub out your mistakes with something this cute, go right ahead. They really do work. But we're keeping a plain rectangular eraser to hand for that job.

And they're puzzles Well, they're made of more than one piece, and they can be taken apart and put back together again, so they probably count. But in the same way as those tricky questions you have to answer to enter a competition. The ones that are there so that legally, it's a game of skill, not a lottery. "What colour is associated with the sky A) Blue, B) Green, C) Tom Baker". Similar level of difficulty.

But we won't argue with the third point. They're small and super-cute.

Warning: choking hazard - not suitable for children under 3 years old.

h***0 29/05/2023


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m***7 29/05/2023

Love it!!!

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c***s 28/05/2023

Indidnt like.

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