Limited edition fountain pen

Limited edition fountain pen

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The impressive designs of the Count's study, and the Countess's boudoir, along with the couple's discerning personalities, inspired the creation of two luxurious pens.

The Fountain Pen is an elegant royal violet, the Countess's favourite colour. The hexagonal barrel is lacquered brass and displays a delicate filigree pattern. The cap is 925 sterling silver with a solid, spring-loaded clip and screw closure. The hand-engraved nib is made of 18K bicolour gold. The end of the fluted cap is embellished with the double knurling characteristic of writing instruments in sterling silver.

Available in fine, medium and broad nib sizes. Takes international standard cartridges, or fit a converter for use with bottled fountain pen ink.

Dimensions: 137mm long, weighs approximately 58g.

Supplied in an exclusive case with a descriptive brochure.

Advance Mechanism:Capped
Ink Type:Liquid Ink
Item Colour:Purple
Item Material:Metal, Silver
Refill Type:Converter, Fountain Pen Ink, Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge, International Standard Cartridge
Tip Material:Gold
Tip Type:Fountain Pen

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