Leather Elephant Pen Holder

Leather Elephant Pen Holder

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Something a bit different in which to store your stationery - an elephant! Not a real one, of course, but one made of natural leather and lined with felt worked from Italian sheep's wool. Contains three large and flexible compartments. Three different sizes will ensure there's an elephant for all occasions.

As with all leather products (and indeed real elephants), your elephant will age over time and become even more beautiful.

Each comes supplied with a tin of 12 artists' pencils in White, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Cadmium Orange, Deep Scarlet Red, Magenta, Light Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, Emerald Green, Light Green, Burnt Ochre, Walnut Brown and Black.


Small: 165mm wide x 115mm tall x 50mm deep

Medium: 210mm wide x 155mm tall x 65mm deep

Large: 270mm wide x 200mm tall x 80mm deep

Item Colour:Brown
Item Material:Leather

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