Full of design fountain pens

Full of design fountain pens

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Each limited edition of This Pen of the Year commemorates a culture that has inspired and shaped the history of humankind. They are not only pens, but remarkable works of art.

Their tough, disciplined training was backed up by armour that consisted of shield, breastplate, helmet and greaves and was virtually impenetrable. The Pen of the Year embodies the characteristics of this armour: durability, practicality and aesthetics.

The barrel represents the Spartans' battledress: it is hand-set with premium diamonds which represent the rivets, and the milled, matt grip area is inspired by their breastplates, which were moulded to the warrior's body shape. The spring-loaded pocket clip is based on the shape of the Greek ridge helmet.

Hand-crafted 18k gold nib coated in ruthenium and available in a range of sizes. Supplied in a stunning polished black wooden box complete with brochure and certificate of authenticity.

Advance Mechanism:Capped
Ink Type:Liquid Ink
Item Colour:Silver
Item Material:Metal
Refill Type:Fountain Pen Ink
Tip Material:Gold
Tip Type:Fountain Pen

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