Cylindrical Variable Pencil Pouch

Cylindrical Variable Pencil Pouch

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Not many pencils cases are actually fun to play with, but this one is really quite cool. The design is simple: it's a 'normal' tube-type pencil case, which unzips at one end. The interesting twist in the design, though, is the base. As the case is made from soft, flexible silicone, the base - which is normally elongated and sticks out when the case is closed - can be pushed in, allowing the case to stand upright on a surface and be quite stable.

The base popping into the main body of the case has the added effect of pushing the items in it nearer to the opening, making it much easier to get at the pens and pencils you want.

Length: 170mm (base extended); 140mm (base retracted). Diameter: 60mm.

Item Material:Silicone

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